Blades of Chaos

Featured Clan

At BoC, war performance means everything.

"Running a successful clan takes dedication and perseverance. I created Blades of Chaos with a few of my brothers over a year ago when I was still a Town Hall 6 and it is thanks to their help that we have been able to come so far as a clan."

We war constantly and clean the clan after every war, removing all inactive members and all those who failed to 3 star consistently. We aim for perfect stars every war, and a 2 star attack has always been considered a failure. However, if I were to pinpoint one secret to our success it would have to be our trust in our clan mates. Due to our rigorous selection process, only the best of the best remain; those whose abilities the entire clan acknowledges. Instead of attacking based on a preset standard like attacking our mirror number, we trust our clan mates to know their own limitations and attack the highest they can 3 star. We help each plan our attacks and do not tolerate cursing or disrespect towards another member.

CoC has an incredible amount of strategic diversity whether through kill squads, queen walks, or surgical deployment, so instead of attributing our failures to luck or poor AI, we strive to constantly improve our own gameplay. So long as Supercell continues to evolve this incredible game, we will be be here evolving right alongside it and sharpening our Blades through the Chaos of war!

- Chief Omayr / Blades of Chaos