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Optional Update v13.576.8

Greetings Chief!

Let's start the week strong with a couple of fixes! We wanted to let you know we've just released an optional update, which includes a few changes:

  • Fix for Clock Tower boosts that could not be resumed if it was already paused before the update maintenance (we had an issue where after our October update, some players' Clock Tower boosts were stuck on pause and couldn't be un-paused. This fix will address the stuck pauses and hopefully prevent it from happening again);
  • Housing space of opponent's Clan Castle in the info screen during preparation of War will no longer be visible (now there should be a question mark instead);
  • Fixed skin name not changing when changing Hero with the arrows;
  • Fixed a rare crash related to reloading the game while in Edit Mode + while a Wall piece is selected;
  • Visual improvements and user interface fixes (including the Village Maiden’s helmet misalignment in War Info Screen).

The update should appear in all app stores soon. We recommend that you download this latest patch (version 13.576.8) for the best Clashing experience!

Clash On!

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