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Optional Update: Legends Battle Log & Bug Fixes

Hey Chief!

There's an optional update rolling out to the app stores, which contains the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Legends Attack menu gains a Battle Log tab showing your attacks and defenses from the current and previous League Days, to more easily help you see how you are doing overall;
  • Allow changing Hero Skin while Hero is upgrading;
  • Stopped Level Up! animation from playing while you are in the middle of an attack. Now it will show when you get back to your own village;
  • Fixed Builder Base attack screen to show multiple buildings/traps under construction;
  • Show correct Town Hall 12 weapon level in Village previews and in Player profile.

Optional Update version numbers, according to store:

iOS and GooglePlay: v11.651.19
Amazon and Tencent: v11.651.20
Kunlun and Cafe Bazaar: v11.651.21

Be sure to head on over to your app store and download this latest version for the best experience possible! :)

Clash on!

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