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She's All The Rage!

What do you get when you have a Valkyrie with anger management issues, a punk rock hairdo, and a propensity to cause mass destruction wherever she goes? Well, a Super Valkyrie of course!

The Super Valkyrie is the newest unit to be added to our ever-growing roster of Super Troops. Like her less-angry, non-Super version, the Super Valkyrie carries a massive axe which helps maintain momentum during her whirlwinds of destruction. Not only does the Super Valkyrie do more damage, when she is destroyed she drops a Rage Spell, allowing other friendly units to benefit from the spell’s effects. Imagine the destruction caused by a chain of Super Valkyries as each one drops her Rage to buff the remaining units.

No doubt she is awaited in Valhalla!

Check out the Super Valkyrie’s stats below and then watch her in action in our preview video!

LevelDPSHPTraining Cost
Training Time
Housing Space
Super Cost
72502000475 Dark Elixir
3m 45s
2060K Dark Elixir
83002300550 Dark Elixir
3m 45s2060K Dark Elixir

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