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Army Training Revamp & Quick Train

Clash training is an old system with a LOT of quirks. Multiple queues, training capacities, timers, tabs and more tabs - there has to be a better way!

Reducing unnecessary complexity is what our design value of Simplicity is all about, so we've vastly streamlined the training process. We've also implemented Quick Train - a hugely requested feature to train and retrain armies with a single tap!

We recommend you check out our short tutorial video to get up to speed and start training fast.

The detailed change set:

  • All troop and spell training now happens in single, dedicated tabs
  • You can now fully train two armies at a time
  • Quick Train lets you create 3 army plans and train any with one tap
  • Quick Train lets you retrain your last used army with one tap
  • Troops and spells in training can be reordered freely with a long tap
  • "Overqueued" units train and get a green check mark - you can donate these!
  • Barracks are now used to unlock troops and reduce their training time

To make this new training system work as well as it should, lots of times and gem costs had to be adjusted. Diligent Clashers may notice:

  • Training single troops is MUCH faster (3 minute Dragons!)
  • Full-army training times should be roughly similar to before
  • Small amounts of units can have a slightly higher "Finish Training" gem cost
  • Large amounts of units have a lower "Finish Training" gem cost

We're eager to hear feedback on the revamped training system!

The Clash of Clans Team

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