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Missing Trader Freebies

Hello again, Chiefs!

As you may know, unfortunately some players were not getting their Free Magic Items in the Trader's Holiday Special. Luckily we just managed to find the source of this bug and have deployed a fix in a maintenance.

If you were affected by this bug, please keep in mind that the bug will be fixed for the remaining days of the event only. To those who are missing the free Book of Heroes from yesterday or the Shovel of Obstacles from today, we are looking at compensation options, including up to sending you the missing Items some time tomorrow (Friday, Dec 20th).

For Also - PLEASE NOTE: because of Magic Item storage limitations, if you are at the maximum number of Book of Heroes or Shovel of Obstacles that you can store then the Gem equivalent value will be by default sent to you instead. Therefore, if you'd like to receive the actual item(s) please make sure you have the storage space to receive it.

Clash On!

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