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Loot Cart Bug

Hello Chief!

As you may have noticed, we are experiencing some issues with the Loot Cart. If you are still seeing a full Loot Cart in your Village with an incorrect amount of resources, that is unfortunately a bug and you will not be able to collect it (the game will always return an "out of sync" error).

A new update with a fix for this bug (and other tweaks) is now available in your app store! Please visit the updates page in your app store to download it. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Is this full Loot Cart for real?

No. The game is showing a full Loot Cart which doesn't actually exist. Collecting it results in an error message if you don't have the latest optional update installed.

Am I loosing my Loot Carts from defenses because of this error?

No. Although the error message is shown, if you had a Loot Cart from defenses, the correct resources from these defenses will be collected.

Again, we apologize for the misunderstanding. Thank you for your patience, Chief!

PS: If you are not experiencing any issues with the Loot Cart it means that you already have the latest optional update installed and no action is needed! Clash On! ⚔️

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