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It's Hammer Jam Season!

The Builder has been kicked into overdrive as the Season of Upgrades continues. If you haven't seen our teaser video of what's to come, then feast your eyes on this!

To prepare for the coming update, we've got multiple ongoing special events to keep you busy. During the Season of Upgrades, all building upgrade times are reduced by 50%! The Builder has been working on his hammer arm to keep up with the speed of the upgrades in order to give this hefty time discount!

We've also got several troop events and Star/Loot incentives going on, so make sure you take advantage of the tasty rewards as well!

Here's our Troop Event calendar for this season: 

May 31 - June 1: Shred Zeppelin (Balloon and Haste)
June 1 - June 2: Whirl Power (Valkyrie)
June 2 - June 3: Basalt Assault (Hound and Poison)
June 3- June 4: Titanic Strength (Giant)
June 4 - June 5: Whitch Slap! (Witch and Earthquake)
June 5 - June 6: Metal Militia (P.E.K.K.A)
June 6 - June 7: Sorcerous Storm (Wizard and Rage)
June 7 - June 8: Rock Solid (Golem)
June 8 - June 9: Happy Hogs (Hog and Heal)
June 9 - June 10: Merciful Mayhem (Healer)
June 10 - June 11: Angry Wyrms (Dragon and Rage)

Be sure to complete these events to win some exciting rewards! Stay tuned for more news!

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