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It Came From the Skies!

Introducing the SIEGE BARRACKS!

A massive new Siege Machine plummets from the sky and, almost gracefully, lands with a loud KERPLUNK! The door creaks open on its well-oiled hinges and from its dark, unlit depths emerges...a P.E.K.K.A? She immediately begins clearing a path for more of the occupants; a Wizard...and then another Wizard...and then another Wizard...and then another Wizard. When will this merry-go-round madness end? When the final Wizard has emerged, the metal box collapses to reveal the final payload: your Clan Castle Troops!

This Box Rocks

The Siege Barracks are a new kind of Siege Machine introduced with the Town Hall 13 update. Unlocked when you upgrade your Siege Workshop at Town Hall 13, the Siege Barracks do not drive or fly towards the enemy Town Hall or defenses like the Blimp, Wall Wrecker, or Stone Slammer do. While the Siege Barracks will still carry your Clan Castle Troops inside, instead the Siege Barracks are deployed anywhere you can normally drop your Clan Castle Troops.

Deploying the Siege Barracks will have it rapidly parachute down to the location selected. However, before your Clan Castle Troops are released, the Siege Barracks will begin deploying a pre-loaded selection of additional army units.

Choo Choo!

When you use the Siege Barracks, it will come pre-loaded with a single P.E.K.K.A and a clown car number’s worth of Wizards all crammed inside using some unknown application of Clash physics. After the Siege Barracks land on the enemy’s territory, the P.E.K.K.A will be the first to deploy to clear a path for the train of Wizards to follow. One Wizard will deploy every few seconds while the Hit Point bar of the Siege Barracks will begin to tick down until it reaches zero.

Countdown to Destruction

After the pyromaniacal parade of Wizards, once the Hit Points of the Siege Barracks ticks its last tock and reaches zero, the Siege Barracks collapse to release the payload of Clan Castle Troops you received from your Clanmates.

However, like all other Siege Machines, you can manually destroy the Siege Barracks in order to release the Clan Castle Troops inside even sooner.

We hope you enjoyed this Siege Machine reveal! Stay tuned for something new tomorrow! Clash On!

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