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Enforcing Fair Play

Creating a fair platform for players is at the heart of Supercell’s Fair Play policy. With the introduction of the Clan War Leagues in Clash of Clans we have provided, and continue to provide, a competitive arena where Clashers from around the world can test their skills and prove they belong among the “best of the best.” Our ongoing commitment to our Fair Play policy is something we are constantly evaluating to determine where we can make improvements and ensure the integrity of our game.

With the Clan War Leagues World Championships on the horizon, fairness and integrity are of the utmost importance to our players and to us. We wanted to make a statement regarding the Clan War Leagues and how we are addressing this concern.


When Clans compete against one another in the Clan War Leagues, agreeing to “fix” the results through negotiation, removing defenses, Star trading, or any other means other than playing legitimately is viewed as win-trading.
In our competitive ladder system, the Clan War Leagues are intended to test a Clan’s skill in War. Therefore, we are putting extra scrutiny to ensure that win-trading is not tolerated and actions are taken to maintain the fairness of Clash of Clans.

When a Clan has been identified as participating in win-trading, the offending Clan will receive a 2-season temporary ban from all Wars (Clan Wars and War Leagues). Any Clan receiving this temporary ban will be unable to join the Clan War Leagues and will be unable to participate in normal Clan Wars until the restriction has lifted.

Furthermore, any offenses in violation of our Fair Play policy can and may result in additional actions such as permanent account closure.

If you would like to read more about our Fair Play Policy, please refer to

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