News, Dec 7, 2021

Cost Reductions Coming Soon!

Hey Chief!

In the coming update, we’ll be doing reductions to upgrade costs and upgrade times across the board. We wanted to make the journey from Town Hall 7 to Town Hall 12 a bit smoother so... from Troops to Heroes to Defenses to Spells, we’re slashing costs!

  • Most buildings have had their Gold upgrade cost cut by 10-25% between TH7-TH12
  • The Laboratory is getting massive cuts to Elixir costs and upgrade timers, especially on the first few levels of each Troop
  • Heroes too! Barbarian King and Archer Queen get moderate cost and timer cuts through the middle levels (30-65), while the Grand Warden and Royal Champion receive large cuts to cost and timers for the first several levels to help players unlock their abilities sooner
  • Did we mention Walls? Walls are getting 25-60% of their cost reduced from TH6 all the way to TH12.

If you'd like to see all these cost and time reduction changes in detail, check out our official posts on the Clash of Clans subreddit:

Part 1

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Clash On!

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