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Clash of Clans World Championship by ESL!

Get ready, Chief! Six months of action-packed Clash of Clans competition awaits! Featuring a brand new 5v5 format and $1,000,000 US in prize money. See new champions rise and titans fall in the all new Clash of Clans World Championship!

Over Christmas we announced our partnership with ESL to bring the first Clash of Clans World Championship tournament where Clans from around the world will have the opportunity to compete against one another and finally once and for all determine which Clan reigns supreme.

It's Your Time To Shine, Chief!

There are two ways to get to the World Championships, so gather up your Clan, polish those Barbarian swords, and hold on to your bootstraps.

In-game pre-qualifier:

  • Compete in the Champions I League in the Clan War Leagues during the March through August League seasons (will be played on the 1st-11th of each month).
  • Each month the top 4 Clans from Champions I will be invited to battle in the 5v5 Offline Qualifier in Katowice, Poland.
  • Each of the qualifying Clans will be confirmed by Supercell at the conclusion of each season. The top 4 Clans will have a priority slot for that month's Offline Qualifier. If a Clan declines the spot or cannot attend the qualifier, the spot will be offered to the next highest ranking Clan.
  • The qualifying Clan's Leader will be contacted by Supercell via the in-game inbox. The Clan Leader has 24 hours to confirm their participation in that month's Offline Qualifier. If the Clan Leader fails to respond in time or if their Clan isn't available to attend the Offline Qualifier in Katowice, Poland, the spot will be offered to the next ranking Clan.
  • The Clan's Leader is responsible for designating which 5 members from their War League roster will represent their Clan in the Offline Qualifier.
  • Please note that the Offline Qualifier is a physical event in Katowice, Poland and all 5 Clan members must be able to travel there. (Flights and accommodations will be handled by ESL. All participants must be over 18 years old, must be able to travel to Poland, and must have all required travel documents.)

ESL Play pre-qualifier:

  • First, register to compete on the ESL Clash of Clans Championship website:
  • Each pre-qualifier will take place from the 12th through 14th of each month between March and August.
  • The top 4 winning teams will advance to the monthly Katowice, Poland Offline Qualifier.
  • ESL Play Pre-Qualifier format:
    • 5v5 Town Hall 12 Friendly Wars
    • 15-minute preparation, 1-hour War
    • Single elimination, Best of One (winners advance after one played match in each round)

Road To The Championships!

If your Clan is victorious at any of the 6 Katowice Offline Qualifiers, your journey will take you to the World Championship Finals at the legendary ESL One in Germany. ESL One will feature a total of six Clans from the Katowice Offline Qualifiers and an additional two Clans to be voted on by the Clash Community as favorite wildcards.

Clash On!

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