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Cheer up, it's an Archer Tower Gear Up!

And you know what that means! A new epic feature for you to get to grips with, literally!

The New Geared Up Archer Tower comes with an awesome lever that allows you to toggle between two modes: Long Range and a new Fast Attack!

Pull the lever and pick up the pace! But...

All it takes is a nudge...

Give your Archers even more fire power!

How do you get it?

This new feature appears after you’ve reached Archer Tower Level 6 in the Builder Base, and Level 10 in your home village. You can only have one geared up Archer Tower in your Home Village at any given time, so choose its place on your Village wisely!

And there's more...

This feature gives you even more more variety with your village layout. Awesome, Right?

Just make sure that your Master Builder is available in your Builder Base to get the upgrade!

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