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Follow-Up: Builder Hall 6 update

Hey Chief!

We wanted to share a quick heads up regarding the update. We've been play testing extensively over the past few weeks and we still felt that power levels of the new units were in need of additional balancing. Since we have already shared what some of the upcoming content for Builder Hall 6 was going to be, we felt it was also important to share what some of the changes are as well.

As stated in our Builder Hall 6 video, due to the nature of game development, balancing can happen all the way until an intended release and even beyond. Here are the anticipated changes to the update:


  • Additional Army Camp in Builder Hall 6. We initially intended one more Army Camp after upgrading to Builder Hall 6, but felt this made things too offense-heavy.

Night Witch:

  • Base HP decreased from 250 to 200
  • Number of Night Witch Death Bat Swarm reduced from 4/6/8 to 2/4/6 per ability level
  • Bats spawning limit reduced from 2 (max 4)/3 (max 5)/4 (max 6) to 2 (max 3)/3 (max 4)/4 (max 5)

Battle Machine:

  • Level 6-10 HP growth reduced from:
  • 2% to 1.5%/level
  • 10+ from 2% to 1%/level
  • Heal level 6+ reduced to match (~20% heal)

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