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Strongman Behind the Scenes

Who is that masked man?

Last November, we asked you on Twitter, "Where does Strongman go with his Caravan when the Clan Games are not on?"

The replies were so incredibly creative we decided to illustrate a few of them - with Horse puns aplenty! Here is what you said…

Chief Koopavocelot, proudly asserts that, "He returns the horse to the Prince in Clash Royale."

The Prince's clear unbridled enthusiasm says, "get off your high horse."

Chief Red Dead Dan (@wontstaystill) on the other hand loudly exclaimed, "Duh..Boom Beach for vacation!" We can't say we blame him, but with danger looming on the horizon, he better hoof it!

But Chief Gaming with Harman (@harman1h1) is ever the romantic and suggested Strongman, "Goes on a date with his girlfriend". So we found a Stronglady for him (who seemingly came out of nowhere and will probably never be seen again) and they're both saddled with joy!

However, in December we discovered what Strongman really does when the Caravan is nowhere to be found...

Try to rein in your surprise and let us know how did you like our temporary Troop, El Primo? Come and let us know on our socials!

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