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It's a Long Shot!

The Super Minion is the chonkier, beefier version of what is arguably the smallest Troop in Clash of Clans you can train.

The Super Minion is the second Super Troop we’re introducing in the Autumn 2020 Update. Like the other Minion variants, the Super Minion is an air unit. However, due to his...stoutness...the Super Minion does deal more damage and has more hit points but unlike their non-Super counterpart, they cannot avoid Seeking Air Mines. What makes the Super Minion different apart from his larger size, the Super Minion carries a rocket launcher that gives its first shots longer range making this mobile artillery unit an excellent sniper!

Check out his stats and make sure you watch the video showing the Super Minion in all of his corpulent glory!

LevelDPSHPTraining Cost
Housing Space
Super Cost
8350140066 Dark Elixir
1260 000 Dark Elixir
9375150072 Dark Elixir
1260 000 Dark Elixir

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