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Season Challenges Q&A

Hey Chief!

By now you may have watched our Developer Update where we revealed the next update of Clash of Clans: Season Challenges! If you didn't, you can always watch it here.

We've been listening to your feedback and reading your questions and doubts about this new feature to be released on April 1st, so we created this mini Q&A to answer your most frequently asked questions.

How do I upgrade to the Gold tier?

The Gold Pass can be purchased for $4.99. It is not a subscription so if you want to unlock the Gold Pass rewards of a specific month, you need to obtain that month's Gold Pass access.

Are there plans to add season passes, like 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month Season Challenges?

We don't have any plans to add additional packaged passes.

How long does the Gold Pass last?

Once you upgrade to the Gold Pass, it lasts for the entire Season, from the date of the purchase to the last day of the Season.

How long are the Seasons?

The Seasons start on the very first day of the month, and ends on the very last day of the calendar month.

What do I miss out on if I stay at the free Silver reward road?

Your gameplay will remain completely unchanged. You will still get the Silver tier rewards for free simply by doing your normal day-to-day play. But if you want to complete all of the tiers and get the full rewards, including the Hero Skins, you will need to upgrade to the Gold Pass.

How do I get the Hero Skins?

In order to get the monthly Hero Skin, you need to upgrade to the Gold Pass and progress through the reward track. The Hero Skin is the very last reward you unlock.

Are the Hero Skins permanent?

Yes! Once you unlock the Hero Skin, it will be a permanent part of your Hero's wardrobe. The more skins you collect, the more options you'll have to make your Heroes look fabulous.

Are there more Hero Skins coming?

Yes, we are adding a different Hero Skin every Season. There will be new Skins for the Archer Queen, Grand Warden as well.

Is that why the Barbarian King and Archer Queen models look different now?

Correct! We had to convert them to 3D models in order to be able to create different skins.

If I don't have Archer Queen or Grand Warden unlocked, will I still be able to receive new skins for the Heroes?

Yes! Any skins you unlock are permanently yours and will be waiting for you when you unlock those Heroes.

How long do I have to collect the rewards from either the Silver tier or Gold tier?

You can collect any of the rewards you've unlocked at any point until the end of the Season, so make sure you collect them before the season ends!

What is the Season Bank?

The Season Bank is a mechanic that resembles a piggy bank - it magically fills as you gain loot from Multiplayer battles! Every time you raid a Village, the loot earned will be deposited to your Resource Storages as usual - but an equal amount will also appear as if by magic your Season Bank.

Players playing in the free Silver tier will also have access to this Season Bank. Gold Pass holders have the chance to unlock more Season Bank capacity.

How do I receive the resources from the Season Bank?

At the end of the Season, the Season Bank will automatically withdraw the resources stored and will place them into your resource storages.

What happens if my resource storages are already full when the Season Bank empties out?

It will overflow the resources beyond the maximum. Keep in mind, if your storages are maxed beyond capacity, you won't be able to collect resources from your Collectors until you're back under the max again.

If I unlock the Research Boost with the Gold Pass, does this speed up upgrades already in progress?

Yes. If you unlock the Research Boost in the Season Challenges, it applies to both upgrades already in progress and upgrades you start after you unlock the Boost. However, due to how the timer functions, it won't show the correct discounted time until you close the app and open it again.

We hope this FAQ has helped clear out some of the doubts you might have regarding this new exciting feature! You're welcome to come and drop a line in our official discussion Forums or Reddit!

Clash on!

- Clash of Clans Team

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