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Quality of Life & Game Balance Changes

Welcome back to Day 2 of our previews for the Summer 2020 Update! Yesterday we shared the new upgrade levels you’ll be looking forward to when the update is released, and today we’re sharing what "Quality of Life" improvements and Game Balance Changes you can expect to be in the coming update!

Custom Friendly Challenge Armies

Attacking in Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars now happens with a specific Friendly Army which can be configured before your attack, and costs no resources or time to train.

Improved Town Hall Upgrade Experience

To make your transition to a new Town Hall level even more special, upgrading your Town Hall will now trigger various limited-time boosts and benefits! The boosts and benefits increase in their availability and duration as you progress through the game into higher Town Hall levels.

  • Power Boost: Starting from Town Hall 4, your Troops and Spells are temporarily boosted to the maximum level allowed by your Laboratory for a limited time;
  • Resource Boost: Starting from Town Hall 4, your Resource Collectors are temporarily boosted to work at double their normal rate;
  • Star Bonus Boost: Starting from Town Hall 4, your Star Bonus rewards from Multiplayer battles are temporarily boosted to 4x;
  • Hero Boost: Starting from Town Hall 8, your Heroes are temporarily boosted by +5 levels.

Home Village Balance Changes

  • Golem level 7-9: reduced training cost from 600/700/800 to 575/650/725;
  • Reduced healing time of all Heroes (new max healing time is down from 49 to 40 minutes)
  • Loot Cart now accumulates loot over time for up to 90 days and its capacity for resources generated from inactivity has been increased across Town Hall levels. New maximum capacity for resources generated from inactivity are:
    • Town Hall 1: 5000 Gold/Elixir, 0 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 2: 25000 Gold/Elixir, 0 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 3: 150000 Gold/Elixir, 0 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 4: 1000000 Gold/Elixir, 0 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 5: 4000000 Gold/Elixir, 0 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 6: 6000000 Gold/Elixir, 0 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 7: 8000000 Gold/Elixir, 80000 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 8: 10000000 Gold/Elixir, 100000 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 9: 11500000 Gold/Elixir, 115000 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 10: 13000000 Gold/Elixir, 130000 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 11: 14000000 Gold/Elixir, 140000 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 12: 15000000 Gold/Elixir, 150000 Dark Elixir
    • Town Hall 13: 16000000 Gold/Elixir, 160000 Dark Elixir
  • The maximum storage capacity for returned resources stolen in attacks has been increased on higher levels:
  • Town Hall 11:
    • Max. gold/elixir: 2M → 2.2M
    • Max. dark elixir: 4k → 4.4k
  • Town Hall 12:
    • Max. gold/elixir: 2M → 2.4M
    • Max. dark elixir: 4k → 4.8k
  • Town Hall 13:
    • Max. gold/elixir: 2M → 2.6M
    • Max. dark elixir: 4k → 5.2k

Builder Base Balance Changes

  • Crusher splash radius reduced from 3.5 tiles to 2.8 tiles, now it doesn't so easily cause damage to units which are out of range.
  • Battle Machine DPS increased for levels 21-30
  • Spring Trap spring capacities increased from 5/10/15/20 to 8/12/16/20.
  • Level 1-2 Push Trap spring capacities increased from 5/7 to 6/8.
  • Raged Barbarian spring weight increased from 1 to 2.
  • Sneaky Archer spring weight increased from 1 to 2.
  • Boxer Giant spring weight increased from 5 to 8.
  • Bomber spring weight increased from 2 to 4.
  • Cannon Cart spring weight increased from 5 to 8.

Additional Game Changes

  • Improved experience for returning players!
  • When saving donation requests the game also now includes Troops, Spells or Siege Machines that are already in the Clan Castle.
  • Season Challenges’ Troop-based tasks have been rebalanced in order to be able to be completed with Clan Castle reinforcements from Town Hall 9 and up.
  • Grand Warden AI improved to follow the group more effectively and be less prone to drifting away while in Air Mode.
  • Removed Air Mines from traveling across the map if their original target is destroyed after triggering the trap but before the trap is activated. Max distance for Air Mine’s target selection is now 2x the trigger radius of the trap.
  • Troops exiting Jump Spell should not retarget in order to prevent Troops from getting stuck in Jump Spell.
  • Scattershot defense can now run out of ammunition, similar to X-Bow and Inferno Tower.
  • Scattershot attack speed reduced from 3 seconds to 3.036 seconds.
  • Wall Wrecker pathing has been improved.
  • Fixed the possibility of including the wrong Clan Member(s) in a War, if a new member with a high trophy count joins the Clan during the member selection process.

User Interface Changes

  • Prevent opening of war screen during CWL if you're not at least Elder or included in the roster for all League levels.
  • “Time Left” info added to Builder Base Friendly Challenge Clan Chat entries.
  • “Time Left” info to shared Builder Base replays.
  • Allow Quick Donation of any normal versions of Troops even when the Super Troop version is enabled.
  • Added “Active Creator Boost” popup in the shop
  • Add sound effect when toggling Grand Warden to air or ground mode in Home Village.
  • Show the number of unseen offers in the treasure tab and in the offer tab in the shop.

Don’t worry, the best is yet to come! If you haven’t already heard, we’re introducing two new Super Troops in the next update. Check out tomorrow’s preview for the full details! Clash On!

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