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October Update News

Hey Chief!

In case you missed yesterday's Developer Update video, be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel! (But if you'd rather read the notes instead just scroll down to get a summary of the changes we're introducing in the October Update.)

But first, some bits and bobs that were not mentioned in the Dev Update video!


  • Three new Season Challenge types: 1) Win X battles using Y spells of a certain type; 2) Win X battles using Y troops of a certain type; 3) Win X war attacks.
  • Task Revive! If you’ve ever grabbed a task for Clan Games but you either forgot about it, got interrupted and couldn’t get back to it in time, or simply couldn’t finish it, we’re adding a new option to revive expired tasks through Gems.


  • The Loot Cart now has a permanent spot next to the Trader’s Tent and will no longer spawn at random locations around the base.


  • The Builder Base Season Trophy reset is now going to be set to 5000 instead of 4000 trophies. Therefore, we are also adding better rewards for the 5000-6000 trophy range;
  • Builder Base Gold Mine and Elixir Collector will now store 24h worth of production instead of 12h.


  • Decorations will no longer block certain attack positions, but will still affect pathing slightly.
  • Grand Warden’s AI has been improved so he won’t randomly abandon his group as easily.
  • To reduce the Clouds in Titan Leagues, Guard length has been reduced: in Titan 2 from 3h to 2.5h; in Titan 1 from 4h to 3h.

Dev Video Recap


  • As you might remember, we are sunsetting the Global chat. But at the same time we're doing some changes that will make the Clan Recruitment process slightly easier:
  • Introducing Player Labels and Clan Labels!
  • As a Player, you can now choose up to 3 labels that categorize your playstyle (from a total of 15 preset Labels). These will be shown in your public player profile.
  • In your Clan, you can now also choose up to 3 labels that define the playstyle of your team! These will be shown in the Clan's public profile, and will help players who apply to know beforehand if the Clan is a good match to their own playstyle.
  • These two, backed up by some super powerful behind-the-scenes wizardry, will in the long run lead to better clan recommendations in the game's recommendation engine.
  • For Clans: Leaders and Co-leaders can open up a menu that will suggest players to that Clan - so they'll see a list of potential recruits.
  • For Players: you can now turn on the ability to receive Clan Invitations even if you're already in a Clan.


  • The number of Quick Train slots has been increased from 3 to 6 slots. Save more of your favorite army presets!


  • Get an extra reward from any tier you have unlocked when you achieve a certain amount of personal points (amount may vary and will be set by us, sometimes it can be maximum points, other times 75% and such.)


  • New "Well Seasoned" achievement for getting points in Season Challenges.


  • Moving Traps or Teslas will not trigger the layout cooldown when editing your Village.
  • In the Legend League, the layout cooldown calculation will now take into account how much matchmaking time is remaining and will adjust the cooldown accordingly, which should result in shorter cooldowns.

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