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The Town Hall Cup

Compete for the $340,000 prize pool!

Five years ago, a new feature was introduced to Clash of Clans that changed the game forever. The release of Clan Wars allowed players from around the world to battle opposing Clans in team warfare, and gave players of all Town Hall levels the ability to hone their strategies and defenses.

To celebrate a half-decade of Clans warring, we are excited to announce the Town Hall Cup in partnership with ESL. The Town Hall Cup is a competition for Chiefs of all Town Hall levels and will pit players of matching skill against one another.

The Town Hall Cup will host a 5v5 Clan War championship of different Town Hall levels, and will feature a cash prize for the winning 5-member team! Starting in May, the Town Hall Cup will kick off with the Town Hall 5 tournament. Each team of 5 players will compete using their best Town Hall 5 bases and will battle against Clans who will also be using Town Hall 5’s for a chance to win cash prizes! That’s right, a Town Hall 5 competition! And we’re just getting warmed up!

Each month will feature a different Town Hall level as we cover the entire range of Town Halls in Clash of Clans! Got a maxed Town Hall 9 and want to test your skills against other Town Hall 9’s? Or perhaps you have a beloved Town Hall 7 that you’ve been honing your Dragon attacks with? With $340,000 in prize money, if you’ve got the skills then we’ve got a tournament for you!

25.05.2019 - Town Hall 5 Cup
Prize: $5,000 per player

22.06.2019 - Town Hall 6 Cup
Prize: $6,000 per player

20.07.2019 - Town Hall 7 Cup
Prize: $7,000 per player

24.08.2019 - Town Hall 8 Cup
Prize: $8,000 per player

21.09.2019 - Town Hall 9 Cup
Prize: $9,000 per player

October 19.10.2019 - Town Hall 10 Cup
Prize: $10,000 per player

23.11.2019 - Town Hall 11 Cup
Prize: $11,000 per player

21.12.2019 - Town Hall 12 Cup
Prize: $12,000 per player

Of course, to make the competition fair we need to establish a set of rules.

  • All players will be required to create a Level 1 Clan
  • Donated Clan Castle Troop type and level cannot exceed what can be trained by that specific Town Hall level. For example, since Dragons are unlocked at Town Hall 7, Dragons cannot be used or donated for the Town Hall 5 Cup and Town Hall 6 Cup events.
  • All players must adhere to Supercell’s Fair Play policies and Terms of Service as well as ESL tournament rules.

Join Clash With Ash as he livestreams every intense Town Hall competition and don’t miss out on this exciting event! Watch the stream on Clash With Ash’s Facebook Live here: Clash on!

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