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Global Top 10 Clans!

Our Clan War Leagues Season 4 has concluded and we are proud to share our first “Top 10 Clans”. When we launched the Clan War Leagues, it has been our goal to provide a competitive venue for Clans to test their skills and prove which Clan is the best in the world. With our recent announcement for the War Leagues World Championships, Clans are gathering their strength, upgrading defenses and troops, and honing their attack skills to compete in the global arena. This Top 10 list is the first time top Clans can look to see how they fair against their peers.*

Without further ado, congratulations to these Top 10 Clans!

*With our recent statement regarding our enforcement of our Fair Play Policy and our ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity of Clash of Clans, we have looked at the results after Season 4 and proactively taken action during the League Season to ensure a fair and even playing field for all participating Clans. This lead to some mid-season bans which affected some of the brackets, but we felt these actions were necessary to ensure the validity of the list. The results in the table below are the Top 10 Clans after we have verified and vetted the results, analyzed the Clans to check for any anomalies or violations of our policies.

If you want to review how our Top 10 Clans were determined, you can see our earlier announcement here. The ranking is based on "Net Stars Earned." This is the number of Stars earned minus the number of Stars taken by opposing Clans during the League week.
In the case of a tie, we will then look at the total number of Stars earned over the course of the League season.

Clash On!

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