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Next Up: Destruction Derby!

Next Clan Games: Destruction Derby!

The next round of Clan Games starts soon! Destruction Derby is the theme of the event and since it's the first Clan Games of the year, we've got some pretty good rewards...

Dates: Jan 18-24

Max points per player: 4000

Tier 1: 3000 points
Rewards: Gold/Dark Elixir (20%), Elixir (20%), Gems (x20)

Tier 2: 7500 points
Rewards: Wall Ring (x3), Resource Potion (x1), Training Potion (x2)

Tier 3: 12000 points
Rewards: Gold (40%), Elixir/Dark Elixir (40%), Clocktower Potion (x1)

Tier 4: 18000 points
Rewards: Hero Potion (x1), Builder Potion (x1), Power Potion (x1)

Tier 5: 30000 points
Rewards: Book of Heroes (x1), Elixir (80%), Wall Ring (x5)

Tier 6: 50000 points
Rewards: Rune of Dark Elixir (x1), Gold (80%), Wall Ring (x15)

In this round, all tasks related to destruction will be boosted and will earn you double points! As usual, you can identify these special tasks as they'll be marked in yellow.

Clash on!

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