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Clan Games Changes + Rewards!

Before we display the next Clan Games rewards below, we also wanted to share some "balance" changes we made to the Clan Games to alter some of its functionalities. Here are the changes we've made:

  • The cooldown for trashing a Task will always now be a flat 10 minutes;
  • The Gem cost for speeding up the timer has been reduced from 3x to 1x;
  • Point rewards that require you to earn Stars using Builder Base Troops, win Builder Base battles, get Builder Base Stars, and get Builder Base destruction have been lowered;
  • Several Task types will now reward you with increased points but also have a very slightly less chance of appearing in the Task rotation:
    • Tasks requiring you to get Stars against a specific Town Hall level or a Town Hall level higher than your own.
    • Tasks that require you to get Stars without using Spells or Heroes.
    • Tasks that require you to win Titan League battles, earn Stars from Wars, or kill Heroes.
  • We also added a bunch of new tasks as well!

Time For The Rewards!

So without further ado...

Get ready Chief, the Clan Games are just around the corner! Clash on!

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